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Prices as at January, 2017

(Price list DOES NOT include VAT and Delivery Charges)
Hand Painted Colour Card ( 21 collections / 210 colours )
A4 brush out
Sample Pot - 65mls
£0.70p each
Eco FixLime Wash PrimerAcrylic EggshellOil EggshellEco/Chalky EmulsionLime Wash
1.0 Litrelight colours£7.02£19.20£22.31£20.14£18.56£18.02
1.0 Litredark colours£7.02£19.20£27.98£26.90£25.63£24.88
2.5 Litreslight colours£14.08£38.44£44.46£40.35£37.18£36.09
2.5 Litresdark colours£14.08£38.44£53.42£52.54£51.26£49.77
5.0 Litrelight colours£25.63£70.47£74.00£67.27£58.48£54.74
5.0 Litredark colours£25.63£70.47£81.22£80.72£76.90£74.66
Colour matching service£40.00£40.00£40.00£40.00
Lime Wash Brush£29.38
Colour consultation£300.00
  • 1 litre of Lime Wash covers between 5 to 15 square metres per litre, depending on porosity of surface
  • 1 litre of Eco Emulsion covers 6 square meters over 2 coats, depending on the porosity of surface
  • We also colour masonry paint for external work, please enquire for prices
  • Satin Wood, Flat Oil, Gloss and Soft Sheen are available as well, please call us for prices
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