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February 2024 News

Feb 2024

The 10th of February marks the start of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with traits such as strength, courage, and good fortune – let’s hope we all benefit from it!   In Chinese culture, colours can have various symbolic meanings, and certain colours may be considered auspicious or bring good luck. Red is often associated with good fortune and joy. If you’re looking for colours associated with the Year of the Dragon, you might consider incorporating colours associated with the element of Water, such as blue or black. For us, the year…

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January 2024 News

Jan 2024

  Happy New Year!   Let’s hope it is going to be healthy, colourful and full of laughter. I hope you had a pleasant Christmas break. Photography By Kirsty Noble for Inigo This is the time when we make new year resolutions and when we want to improve or change something in our life. For me, I would like this year to be more spiritual, I want to go back to the habit of meditating every morning and to practise more yoga and eat very healthy. We are what we eat and I think a detox after Christmas will be…

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January Newsletter

December 2023 News

Dec 2023

  Welcome December!   The end of another year. Exciting but also that time of the year when we think about what we did, how we did it and how we can do better next year. It is that time when we like to be around family and friends to celebrate together and to exchange our thoughts, happiness and sorrow, too. December can bring a sense of hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. People may set goals or resolutions, fostering a positive outlook for the future.   For some, December can be a hectic month with holiday preparations, shopping,…

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November 2023 News

Nov 2023

  Welcome November!   An important month for Francesca’s Paints – we will be celebrating our 27th birthday on 14th November. What an amazing time it’s been!   I recall the very beginning of this adventure as if it were yesterday. We started in a studio on Parkgate Road in Battersea. The studio was very close to the Thames, and we shared it with some lovely decorators but it was cold and humid, so industrial heaters were our saviour – but too expensive to run for our liking! We later moved to the Business Centre in Lavender Hill. Our first…

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October 2023 News

Oct 2023

  Another month has passed so quickly, this year is going too fast, it’s almost over!   Autumn is on its way and consequently, all the lovely colours that come with it. Nature always provides the best colour combinations. It’s a busy time for us, mixing paints from our Collections, but also creating some wonderful bespoke colours. To make and create colours is a joy, a passion, it comes naturally and it is something that we really love doing. All our colours are formulated so they can be reproduced. We recently had a client who wanted to re-order a custom…

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