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Lime Wash External

Francesca’s Lime Wash is a lime-based coating designed to slowly weather and age, and develops a soft patina on exterior walls. Once the carbonation process starts, natural patchiness, uneven colouring and streakiness may appear. The curing process of Francesca’s Lime Wash will continue for approximately 12 months. During the life span of the coating, colour variation will take place.
Before application, surfaces must be cleared of loose material, dirt, grease and oil.
Stir Lime Wash before and during use.
Dilute with 20-25% of water for both coats.
Apply 2 coats of the Lime Wash with a lime wash brush using a criss-cross technique. Care must be taken to maintain a wet edge, especially during hot and dry conditions, so do not stop in the middle of the wall. ALWAYS lightly dampen down the wall with water before application to assist brushing. The surface should not be glistening wet, just darker, just damp. When the air temperature is below 14 degrees Celsius, or will fall below this overnight, you must allow the lime wash to fully dry then slightly mist spray with water. Allow to dry then repeat the mist spraying at least 6 times. This process is essential for curing the lime wash and failure to do so may result in excessive white streaking. It must not rain on the painted area for at least 5 days, so in case of bad weather it is essential to cover the painted area.

Coverage is between 4 to 6 square meters per litre, depending on porosity of the surface. Plaster surfaces and any porous surface will take more paint, especially if applied directly on to them.

Colour variation can occur between batches due to the natural pigments used, therefore, it is recommended that all lime wash be purchased at the same time. As an undiluted product it lasts for a very long time, just keep the lid tightly on. It is recommended to wear gloves during the application as the lime wash contains lime and prolonged contact with wet skin may produce burns. Rinse brush with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow and avoid eye contact. If accidental contact occurs, rinse eyes with copious amounts of water.

Suitable Surfaces