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Bar Crispin and Jermain Gallacher

July 2021

Bar Crispin,, is an all-day natural wine bar and restaurant on Kingly Street, Soho. It is a place for any occasion. It focuses on small scale producers, sustainability is at the core of Bar Crispin’s ethos.

The space is designed in collaboration with the super talented and eclectic Jermaine Gallacher, , a modernist maverick and part of the historically renowned Bloomsbury Group,

The ground floor is painted in Parto, from the Poison into Medicine Collection, and the purple  triangles, typically a Jermaine’s design, are in Piero Purple from the same collection.
The Green Room is a 12 person private dining room. Jermaine asked us to make the wonderful Emerald Green, in a water based gloss, especially for this project, it is reminiscent of old Soho.
The ceiling, walls and floor are all painted in this bespoke colour and it is like being inside an emerald box.

Whatever Jermaine designs, it is like a piece of art and is completely unique

Sconce and paper light by Viola Lanari
Photos by Oskar Proctor