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May 2024 News

May 2024

May is another of my favourite months of the year. Nature is finally waking up and giving us the most amazing colour displays. The bluebells are blooming, the scent of flowers and bushes is strong and makes you smile, the days are longer and the light is magical and hopeful. April has been a productive and interesting month. We visited our friends, Vito and Laura, in Jesus, Ibiza. Their house has been decorated inside and out with our Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion in the French Grey from the Off White Collection. It was painted seven years ago and it…

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May Newsletter

April 2024 News

April 2024

And here we are in April, already. One of the most beautiful months of the year, when nature really starts blooming and the colours are a great inspiration. This month I would like to talk about the importance of following instructions, just to make sure there are no mishaps when using our products! Our Limewash and Eco Emulsion are breathable and plastic-free paints. The whole point of using them, apart from their aesthetic, is their breathability. Applied over a bare surface, they allow the wall to breathe, meaning that the moisture evaporates and cannot be trapped. Therefore, the paint does…

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March 2024 News

March 2024

Why are we different from other paint companies? We are old-fashioned artisans and mix and make everything in the Studio. We started trading in 1996 and have been living and breathing paints and colours since then. We were one of the first eco paint companies in the UK. We offer ecological paints, like the limewash and the eco emulsion which are plastic-free and breathable. We also offer other modern paints like soft sheen, oil based eggshell and water based eggshell, water based gloss paint, oil based gloss paint and flat oil paint. We are paint and colour enthusiasts and provide…

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February 2024 News

Feb 2024

The 10th of February marks the start of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with traits such as strength, courage, and good fortune – let’s hope we all benefit from it!   In Chinese culture, colours can have various symbolic meanings, and certain colours may be considered auspicious or bring good luck. Red is often associated with good fortune and joy. If you’re looking for colours associated with the Year of the Dragon, you might consider incorporating colours associated with the element of Water, such as blue or black. For us, the year…

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January 2024 News

Jan 2024

  Happy New Year!   Let’s hope it is going to be healthy, colourful and full of laughter. I hope you had a pleasant Christmas break. Photography By Kirsty Noble for Inigo This is the time when we make new year resolutions and when we want to improve or change something in our life. For me, I would like this year to be more spiritual, I want to go back to the habit of meditating every morning and to practise more yoga and eat very healthy. We are what we eat and I think a detox after Christmas will be…

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January Newsletter
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