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June 2023 News

Jun 2023

The month of June takes its name from the ancient Roman goddess Juno. In Roman mythology, Juno was the queen of the gods, the wife of Jupiter, and the goddess of marriage and childbirth. June is associated with the summer season in many parts of the world, colours that evoke a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and nature often resonate well during this time. Some popular colour choices for June-inspired interiors may include: Cool Blues: Light, refreshing blues reminiscent of clear skies and tranquil waters can create a calming and serene atmosphere, just like ‘Freedom’ from the Poison into Medicine Collection.…

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May 2023 News

May 2023

‘May’ comes from the Latin ‘Maius’, which most likely refers to the goddess Maia. She embodied the concept of growth, both in nature and in business. This is a month full of possibilities, making us feel alive after winter and full of the joys of spring. It is the month of the King’s Coronation. It represents a fresh start, a time for new beginnings and renewal. Ton Magazine A wonderful new Interior Magazine called Ton was launched in the middle of April by the genial and talented Jermaine Gallacher. The magazine is dedicated to the disruptors of design: the radical…

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April 2023 News

Apr 2023

So, another spring has arrived, the days are getting longer and the mood is more positive. The year is running by, a quarter of it is already gone, and we have been busy with many interesting projects. This month we wanted to explain why a paint colour consultation can be a helpful tool to help you choose the right colours and paints around your house. Why do I need a paint colour consultation? Choosing colours can be incredibly daunting and sometimes, because we are afraid of making the wrong choices, we end up with a solution that actually does not…

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March 2023 News

Mar 2023

Another month has gone by; this year seems to be going super fast, we are already in March!  It has been more than 1 year since the war in Ukraine started. So sad to think that it is still continuing with no resolution in sight. But with the bad comes the good. The world is full of wonderful, good hearted, talented people and I think that the positives are stronger than the negatives. For us, this year has been pleasantly busy. We are working with nice designers and clients, and we have been mixing beautiful colours. The limewash seems to…

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February 2023 News

Feb 2023

Happy Year of the Rabbit! The Year of the Rabbit is considered one of calm and contemplation — let’s hope it will bring peace in the world and that we will all benefit from it. For us the year has started well. We have many beautiful projects that we are involved with. This month, we would like to show you the Boot at Barnsley, a pub designed by our friends at Timothy Oulton Studio.  The plastered walls have been recoated with authentic lime paint, supplied by us, breathable and plastic free. This matt-white wash contrasts with the raw timber and hewn stone structural details,…

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