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You can order:
– 1 collection for £4 entitling you to 2 free A4s
– 4 collections for £10 entitling you to 4 free A4s
– 8 collections for £15 entitling you to 6 free A4s
– All 25 collections for £25 entitling you to 10 free A4s
Discounts for collections are applied at checkout – Please call or email us to order free A4’s once you receive the charts.


You can order a sample pot (or a selection of sample pots) by clicking on your selected colour and choosing the appropriate option.


To buy an A4 page, click on the selected colour and choose the appropriate option (A4s are priced at £0.84 each).

COLOUR COLLECTIONS 25 Collections 241 Colours

Our wonderful array colours are inspired by travels, art and nature. Our collections will inspire you to create the perfect backdrop for your style of living. We have created our colour collections to enable you to find the perfect compilation for your home.

Each collection contains colour combinations that work together collectively, creating a flowing colour scheme. But as all our colours work well together, you can of course handpick from across any collection. We are here to help you choose the colours that will go best with your colour scheme to create the best solution for your home.

Collections are listed in chronological order, from most recent. From 1 litre onward, all of our colours are available in all of our finishes. Each Colour Collection is hand painted either in the Lime Wash or the Eco Emulsion, and it is detailed on each collection which product has been used, so you know what to expect when you order an A4 page or sample pot.