In 2005 I started doing Yoga and my life changed, and since then it has become part of my daily routine. I have been inspired by Yoga for this collection. Sadhana means self discipline. I want this Collection to bring you the wonderful feelings I experience each time I practice.

The Pure feeling I get during Yoga gives me a sense of Bliss. The Gentle movements in a Tranquil environment leave me feeling Happy, Soave; pleasant. The Silent within me which I practise leaves me clear minded and ready to take on more Knowledge.

To have this energy flowing throughout your home will benefit all of your spaces. The Happy blue and green Tranquil will prompt calming and soothing feelings. The yellow of Pure and Soave, the pink in Bliss, and Gentle white will create a peaceful environment while also infusing energy into a room.

As well as mixing and matching the colours in the Collection together, you can of course mix and match from any of the Collections as you like. The A4s and 75 mls sample pots for this collection come in the Eco Emulsion only. From 1 litre onward, all of our colours are available in all of our finishes.

If you have any questions regarding my Colour Collections or environmentally friendly paint, please email us or call us on 02072287694. Thank you.

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