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Paint Colour Inspiration
Welcome to our gallery to help with inspiration and show casing some of the amazing projects we’ve been lucky enough to work on

Colours especially created for this project - Product: Eco Emulsion

47: Penelope Chilvers Store – Notting Hill

Private Residence | Designed by Papilio

46: Private Residence Designed by Papilio

All Colours by Francesca

45: The Artists Residence Oxford

 Colour: French Grey from Off White 1 Collection Product : Eco Emulsion

44: Private Residence London

All colours by Francesca

43: Private Residence London

Moss from The Tenth Collection Product: Eco Emulsion

42. Private Residence London designed by Retrouvius

Wardrobes and floor painted in Silent from Sadhana Collection, in Oil Eggshell

41. Private Residence Patmos

All colours by Francesca

40. Canonbury House London, designed by Marlo

Colour: The Mist from Solace Collection Product: Eco Emulsion

39. Private Residence Cornwall design by Marlo

Colour: Madeleines from Colours of My Mind Collection Product: Smart Emulsion

38. Private Residence Tunbridge Wells

Bespoke colour to match the floor tile of client in matt emulsion

37. Private Residence London

Colour: The Mist from Solace Collection. Product: Smart Emulsion

36. Private Residence design by Nicola Hulbert

Bespoke Colour especially created for client in Matt Emulsion and Oil Eggshell

35. Private Residence London

Colours: Hill Green (New Colour) and Bossington Pebble Products: Oil Eggshell

34. Private Residence Ludlow – Designed by Libby Lord

Bespoke Colours created especially for clients in Eco Emulsion

33. Private Residence London

Our paints have been used throughout this pied a terre, as seen in Elle Decoration March Issue 2020, designed by Retrouvius

32. Private Residence London – Designed by Retrouvius

Colour: Elephant 2 Product: Eco Emulsion on walls, Oil Eggshell on woodwork

31. Private Residence England

Colour: The Sea. Product: Matt Emulsion

30. Private Residence England – Designed by Roberta Baldan

Smart Emulsion: Custom Mix

29. Private Residence London

Colour: Gianluca

28. Private Residence England

27. Private Residence London

Peace White in Eco Emulsion /  Corridor Peter

26. Private Residence Milan

25. Casa Lupa St Thomas – Virgin Island

24. Private Residence England

Colour The Sea Product: Eco Emulsion

23. Private Residence France

Colour Indica Berry from Indian Summer Collection Product: Matt Emulsion

22. Private Residence Woodhouse Estate Southern Ireland

Product: Eco Emulsion Colour: Paolo

21. Sivananda Yoga Centre London

Colour: Custom Mix Product: Chalky Emulsion

20. Private Residence London

Woodwork: Oil Eggshell in Red Custom Mix Radiators: Oil Eggshell Stripes in Gioia

19. Private Residence London

Bespoke Colours created especially for client

18. Private Residence 8 London

Colour: Indica Berry. Product: Chalky Emulsion

17. Town House Duomo Seven Stars Hotel Milano

Colour: Custom Mix. Product: Lime Wash

16. Private Residence Gloucestershire

Colour: Clay. Product: Lime Wash

15: Private Residence Allt-y-bela, Wales

Colour: Sikhara Stone. Product: Lime Wash.

14. Private Club 5 Hertford Street London

Colour: Milk Buti. Product: Eco Emulsion

13. Commercial Property Restaurant Richard

Colour: Cohiba Brown. Product: Eco Emulsion.

12. Private Residence London

Colour: Giacomo

11. Hotel The Cloudesley

Colour: Tokyo (dark grey). Product: Lime Wash.

10. Private Residence London

Colour: Mughal Earth. Product: Eco Emulsion.

9. Private Residence Hanham Abbots, Bristol

8. Private Residence Oxfordshire

7. Private Residence Location: Montecanino Italy

Colour: Arabella

6. Private Residence Norfolk

Colour: Cappuccino and Chalk from the Tenth Collection. Product Eco Emulsion.

5. Commercial Project Milan

4. Private Residence Montecanino

Colour: Christophe

3. Private Residence London

2. Mediterranean Gardens Kew Gardens

1. House & Garden Fair 2005 London