The Earth Collection is dedicated to our earth, to nature, to the land. I was inspired by the earthy tones as I was creating it. I found myself imagining being in the bush, feeling the land, thinking of the colours there, and the collection was born.

Earth paint tones are considered to be friendly, inviting and contemporary. They tend to be perceived as warm, settling and reassuring. The right mixture of earth tones has the power to create a natural, utopian environment.

Finding the right combination for your home will flow with The Earth Collection. Try not to become too rigid in making your selection. Allow the colour to move you and set your mood. Then be guided to make your decision. Team the colours in the Collection together, or you can of course mix and match from any of the collections.

The A4s and 75 mls sample pots for this collection come in the Limewash only. From 1 litre onward, all of our colours are available in all of our finishes. If you have any questions regarding my Colour Collections or sustainable paint paint products, please email us or call us on 02072287694. Thank you.

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