Monsoon Rains

Monsoon Rains

Each year, the monsoon rains flood India during the months of June to September. Aleta Bartel-Orton and Francesca Wezel have created the ‘Monsoon Rains’ collection with reference to these waters that cleanse, bring life, and shape cultures.

‘Monsoon Rains’ is the third collection designed to coordinate with Aleta’s bespoke and hand produced fabrics, soft furnishings and wallpapers. They are inspired by the decorative arts and designs of 17th and 18th Century India.

The rain paint colours collection comprises of cool colours including Dilkusha Blue, Mali’s greens and Cloud of Agra which has a purple hue. Shalimar Blossom is a warmer colour, reflecting light, adding warmth to the tones.

The collection is fresh, calming and soothing. Because it is so heavily associated with nature and the presence of water, these colours will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home to sooth the mind, body and soul.

The A4s and 75 mls sample pots for this collection come in the Eco Emulsion only. From 1 litre onward, all of our colours are available in all of our finishes. If you have any questions regarding my Colour Collections or paint products, please email us or call us on 02072287694. Thank you.

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