This collection is based on the colours of Norfolk, with its many designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where you can explore the region’s wide open countryside and spectacular coastline, which gave me true inspiration.

I sent my Norfolk paint colours to the designer Miv Watts who came out with the lovely poem which incorporates the name of each paint and can be read left to right on the Colour Collection chart.

The MIST when we walk in that solitary place
The PETAL that falls from the vase to the face
The LINEN enfolding the body in cream
The MARSH that is lost to the tides as we dream
The DEW that refreshes at first light of dawn
The SEA in retreat
The first ROSE of the morn
The STORM that engulfs
The ROCK that stands fast
The EARTH that sustains till’ a breath be our last

The A4s and 75 mls sample pots for this collection come in the Limewash only. From 1 litre onward, all of our colours are available in all of our finishes.

If you have any questions regarding my Colour Collections, or the paint products, please email us or call us on 02072287694. Thank you.

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