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May 2024 News

May 2024

May Newsletter Hero 12May Newsletter Hero 1

May is another of my favourite months of the year. Nature is finally waking up and giving us the most amazing colour displays. The bluebells are blooming, the scent of flowers and bushes is strong and makes you smile, the days are longer and the light is magical and hopeful.

Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion exterior 1Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion exterior 2

April has been a productive and interesting month.

We visited our friends, Vito and Laura, in Jesus, Ibiza. Their house has been decorated inside and out with our Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion in the French Grey from the Off White Collection. It was painted seven years ago and it is a real delight to see how long-lasting and wonderful our paints are. The property has been entirely designed by Vito Di Rosa and it is magnificent.

Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion interior 1 Limewash Paint and Eco Emulsion interior 2

Because life is full of synchronicity, before we went to Ibiza, we were contacted by Juntos, an organic farm in the heart of Ibiza. They are interested in using our Limewash Paint on the property which would be such a privilege. This is a wonderful project to be proud and be part of.

Finn, the owner, contacted us because his mother, Rebecca, had her house painted in our limewash in a beautiful pink in Ibiza years ago. He knows all about our Limewash Paint, its durability and all the wonderful colours. They are thinking of using our Angelico Pink from the Poison into Medicine collection, which is the same colour as the earth in Ibiza and it will integrate so well with the surroundings.

Here are some images of the property. It is a real dream and a great concept. I am honoured they contacted us, and it was an ideal opportunity to see the property whilst we were in Ibiza. I love it when things like this happen, they are just meant to be.

Will keep you posted!

Exterior propertyBlue sky exterior

Exterior barn with goats eatingExterior horses in field


The Studio Voltaire has finally opened in Clapham. This is the 3rd project designed by the great Jermaine Gallacher that we have done together. I love working with Jermaine.

Jermaine wanted a special mix from me. He called me and explained the shade of brown he envisioned. The telephone call went like this, more or less, “neither this or that, with a little bit of this and that”, and I understood exactly what he wanted!

I gave him 2 bespoke samples to choose from. He liked one of the two and we made the brown in a super shiny oil gloss and it looks lovely. The other restaurants we helped Jermaine with the colours are Bistro Freddie in East London and Bar Crispin in Covent Garden. Here’s to many more to come!

Limewash painted bar

We have been asked to provide the paint for the latest project of Cathy Wilkes at the Hunterian Art Gallery in Glasgow for her June exhibition. Cathy is a big fan of our Eco Emulsion Paint and we have been working with her for years. She represented Britain at the 58th Biennale in Venice a few years ago, and she requested her space there to be painted with our paint. We were ecstatic. She is very specific about what she likes and wants. Cathy loves the Eco Emulsion in the Peace White from the Off White collection and this is the colour she uses in most of her exhibitions. A gentle and soft white made entirely with Raw Umber.


Postcard from Barra Thrift Paint

Colour of the month May Cover

May’s colour of the month is Thrift, from the Postcard from Barra collection which was chosen by Homes & Gardens Magazine. We are extremely grateful and happy about this.

Colour of the month May 1

Thrift is a fresh dusky pink, made with our favourite pigments, raw and burnt umber and yellow ochre. Almost neutral, it pairs and combines with every other hue.

Pink is a colour that tends to make us smile, reminiscent of our childhood, it has something nostalgic and jolly about it at the same time. A peaceful and calming tone that can only add to our lives.

This is all for now.

All the best.


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