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April 2024 News

April 2024

And here we are in April, already. One of the most beautiful months of the year, when nature really starts blooming and the colours are a great inspiration.

Cherry Blossom Tree

This month I would like to talk about the importance of following instructions, just to make sure there are no mishaps when using our products!

Mixing Paint

Our Limewash and Eco Emulsion are breathable and plastic-free paints. The whole point of using them, apart from their aesthetic, is their breathability. Applied over a bare surface, they allow the wall to breathe, meaning that the moisture evaporates and cannot be trapped. Therefore, the paint does not peel off because it gets penetrated into the wall.

The beautiful thing about this is that the Eco Emulsion can be applied directly to gypsum plaster, without mist coating the wall with an unbreathable primer. If applied over lime plaster there will be a need to apply 1 coat of our Eco Fix, an ecological binder that prevents the paint from being completely sucked into the plaster.

Most decorators are used to working with non-ecological materials and they like to mist-coat a wall so they can see what needs to be filled, but with our paint, this is not necessary at all. It is actually a bad idea because it makes the wall unbreathable.

Our Limewash and Eco Emulsion need to be diluted with water. The reason for this is that when undiluted they last forever. It is the water that makes the paint go off, even if it is purified because it gets easily contaminated by bacteria.

When using a new product, it is essential to read the instructions. When instructions are not passed on to decorators, this can cause problems. This is because the decorator does not know the paint can be applied directly onto gypsum plaster and prepares the wall with something that prevents the wall from breathing.

In the case of a previously painted surface, before applying the Eco Emulsion, it is a good idea to lightly sand the wall to allow the paint to grip better. If using the Limewash, it is imperative to use the Limewash Primer on all surfaces except from lime plaster.

The Limewash Primer was created to unlimit the application of the Limewash. It is a quartz paint designed to be the support of the Limewash still allowing the wall to breathe. A matt emulsion primer and any other primers don’t have the same properties as our Limewash Primer. If it is then applied before the Limewash, it can create problems as the Limewash will always absorb into them and search for the plaster underneath. The finish will then be uneven and patchy.

We want paint jobs to go as smoothly as possible, so it is essential to read the instructions before you start painting. All our paints have a QR code and the instructions are clearly written online for all our products. 

If a problem occurs, it is always a good idea to call us. Giving more coats to a problematic wall can make the issue worse. We are always more than happy to support our clients.


Off White Collection White Truffle Paint

The most popular colour this month has been White Truffle from The Off White Collection.

White Truffle COTM 2 White Truffle COTM 1

A very gentle off-white, elegant and timeless, it is made entirely with Raw Umber. It pairs with pretty much any colour under the sun. It is one of those colours that I call eternal and that we never get tired of – it looks great in any room of the house.

Have a lovely start to Spring.

See you next month.