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Lime Wash Paint

Francesca’s Lime Wash is a traditional paint finish that allows the wall to ‘breathe’. The opaque textured velvety look given by the lime wash, can be evocative of Italian, Spanish and Mexican houses. The lime wash is the oldest form of paint and the most traditional. It is the only paint that can be used on Listed and Historical Buildings because of its breathability. Francesca’s Lime Wash creates a mattsoft and mottled effect, adding character and depth to the wall that modern day paints cannot achieve. Unlike other lime washes on the market, Francesca’s Lime Wash is a fully prepared product that is easy to apply and comes ready for use. It has no smell and it is not toxic. It is plastic free. It cannot be touched up. Not ideal where there is a lot of passage. Water resistant. It comes in all our colours

Francesca’s Lime Wash is suitable for application to internal and external absorbent, rendered surfaces, old and new plaster, skimmed walls, stucco roughcast, cement masonry blocks and previously painted surfaces. Francesca’s Lime Wash is not suitable for wood, glazed bricks and tiles, paved floors and/or any non – porous surface.

Before application, surfaces must be cleared of loose material, grease and oil.
– Over bare plaster, skimmed walls, stone and brick walls with no filling:
Dampen the wall down with water then apply 1 coat of the lime wash straight on top of the surface with a lime wash brush. Before applying the 2nd coat dampen the wall down with water again. This will help you to spread the paint better and allows the carbonation of the lime to take action. Allow to dry then repeat the mist spraying at least 3 times. This process is essential for curing the lime wash. These are the perfect bases for the lime wash, because they are porous and also the wall can breathe, allowing the passage of moisture, so there will be no peeling off, because the paint has penetrated into the wall.
– Over plaster boards and previously painted surfaces that require filling or that may have been filled previously and over cement render:
Apply 1 coat of Lime Wash Primer all over the wall. Let it dry well. The reason why you need to do this is because the lime wash is a semi translucent product that highlights imperfections; therefore an evenly porous base is required to avoid a patchy result. The Lime Wash Primer acts like a support between the surface that needs to be painted and the lime wash. It is made of selected quartz and sands. Then apply 2 coats of the lime wash with a lime wash brush.
– Over previously painted surfaces with semi-gloss or gloss paint
Surfaces must be abraded slightly or roughened before applying one coat of the Lime Wash Primer and then two coats of the Lime Wash with a lime wash brush.
– Over lining paper
Apply one coat of Lime Wash Primer and then 2 coats of the lime wash by brush.
Francesca’s Lime Wash must be stirred thoroughly before and during application.


VERY IMPORTANT: APPLY THE LIME WASH OVER A DAMPEN SURFACE, before applying the first and second coat dampen the surface with water, this will allow the lime to key better with the wall. The lime wash cannot be applied by roller.

Apply 2 coats of the lime wash with a lime wash brush, using a criss-cross technique, spreading the paint well, without leaving it in blotches. You have to work quite fast, using all your arm length. Care must be taken to maintain a wet edge. Application cannot be interrupted in the middle of the wall, or a dry edge mark will appear on the finish wall. You have to work corner to corner. Paint edges and architraves only as you reach them. Avoid retouching the final coat. Let each coat dry at least 6 hours. Francesca’s Lime Wash dries 70% lighter than when wet. Darker colour may take longer to dry. If you do not like the lime wash look, you can paint on top of it. It is distemper that has to be removed before you can paint over it with another product.

Coverage is 6 square meters per litre over two coats, depending on porosity of the surface. Plaster surfaces and any porous surface will take more paint, especially if applied directly on to them.

Colour variation can occur between batches due to the natural pigments used, therefore, it is recommended that all lime wash be purchased at the same time. As an undiluted product it lasts for a very long time, just keep the lid tightly on. It is recommended to wear gloves during the application as the lime wash contains lime and prolonged contact with wet skin may produce burns. Rinse brush with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow and avoid eye contact. If accidental contact occurs, rinse eyes with copious amounts of water.

Suitable Surfaces