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Colours of My Mind

November 2019

Colours of My Mind – Latest Collection A collaboration between Raffaella Barker and Francesca Wezel.

Raffaella explains…..
Over the years I have painted many rooms with Francesca’s colours, sending wild pleas to her such as: ‘Could I have something the colour of a bra strap?’ or ‘Here’s a squashed bunch of flowers from my garden, can we work out a match for the petals and leaves before it fades? , or ‘A room of cheerful chaos please, a place where my teenage sons can endlessly play Playstation’.Her colours, with their ability to change in the light, to undulate through space, always seem to have a narrative, and so it felt like a story waiting to be told when we decided to work together. Francesca and I began thinking about what makes a book, and what we found, when talking about the images that words convey, is that the colour of thought is vivid.The colour of books also turns out to be alive and realisable, and this palette captures a mood that the magical pleasure of reading can bring and turns it into colour.
Raffaella Barker is a writer and novelist whose work is imbued with the spirit of her home on the North Norfolk coast.

Colours of my mind - Raffaella Barker