Miv Watts: The Tin Shack – Colour Card



‘To be afraid of colour is to be afraid of life’ Paint it any colour you like, but make it reflect the environment. Let it never be beige or magnolia, because life just isn’t beige. These colours have been inspired by the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland of N.S.W., Australia. They come as a welcome relief to the recent depersonalisation of our homes. Whether a shack, a homestead or a modern townhouse, Australians live closely with their environment, care constantly for its welfare and are acutely aware that what they put in, they get out. This all makes for a confident community. With this in mind they are not afraid to use colour wherever they can. Both inside and out, the Australian home is a vivid reflection of its natural surroundings. This palette is a mixture of influences from the brightness of the sparkling bay to the tropical earthiness of the rain forest. We hope you are inspired to pick up your brush and BE BRAVE!
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