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November 2022 News

Nov 2022

We are terribly proud of our latest collection Postcard from Barra. It contains five elegant, timeless colours inspired by my stay in the Isle of Barra this summer. These colours look wonderful on their own or paired up with the other colours of the collection, creating a stylish pallet.

Penelope Chivers

We are honoured that our Eco Emulsion has been used in the wonderful Notting Hill shop of Penelope Chilvers in Ledbury Street, London. We made two wonderful bespoke colours for this project and the paint was applied by Tess Newall, the leading decorative artist in the UK. The result is absolutely stunning.

Colour of the Month


The colour of the month is Moscow, a soft greeny grey made with black, yellow ochre, raw and burnt umber, from the Urban Chic Collection.

I love using the two umbers; the raw umber is a dark green, and the oldest pigment known to humankind and burnt is a beautiful brown. It is actually the same pigment as raw but cooked in the oven.

Black and yellow ochre create the most delightful shade of green, Moscow is one of them. The umbers add a wonderful depth to the colour.

Moscow from the Chic Collection

Images provided by Marlo

Grey was the colour of the year a few years back. To some grey is not even a colour, to me grey is a definite colour and its beauty is that you can add any pigment to give it a versatility that is unique.

Moscow is pretty and it looks good everywhere, either as an internal or external colour. Easy to combine, it goes with every other shade plus it is a great background for art and pictures.

We hope that you will appreciate the colour Moscow as much as we do.



Moscow from the Chic Collection