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Introducing our Colour Collection – Postcard from Barra


Inspired by the beautiful, untamed landscape of the Outer Hebridean island of Barra, Francesca’s Paints’ “Postcard from Barra” collection features five coordinated colours, each drawing on elements of the island’s natural world, from its breathtaking white sandy beaches to its green rocky hills.

Wanting to capture the calming tranquil feel of Barra when mixing the collection, Francesca says: ‘The colours came to me immediately – I could see five nature-inspired colours that elicited a sense of peace and serenity. This is a sophisticated, timeless collection suited to every room and every style of interior.’

Each colour within the collection is made with the same number of pigments, giving them a ‘tonal perfection’ that enables them to be combined to create coordinated palettes. Although wonderful when paired, each shade is equally strong on its own.

Thrift: a pale, soft pink made with earthy pigments, including raw and burnt umber and yellow ochre
Traigh: capturing the soft golden beige colour of sand
Lichen: a balanced, yet bold, yellow brown
Sea Kale: a deep grey green with a nautical feel
Croft: a moody blue made with black, burnt, and raw umber, as well as purple tones

Postcard from Barra
Postcard from Barra
Postcard from Barra
Project November
Postcard from Barra
Postcard from Barra