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October 2022 News

Oct 2022

And so, autumn arrives after a wonderful long summer.

This year, we were temporarily closed from July until the beginning of September so that we could finally digitise our formulas; a task that could only be done by me. I had a program especially designed for this. I managed to record 900 formulas, with many more to be done, but this is definitely a good start.

We also redesigned our website and created an amazing new colour collection ‘Postcard from Barra’ – more details to follow in November.


In July we went to the Isle of Barra, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland to start the digitisation process. This was a huge job that had to be done in the most remote and quiet place so I could fully concentrate without distraction. The island was absolutely the best place for it with long endless days, wonderful light and the sky changing all the time with the most interesting cloud formations I have ever seen.


I spent 20 wonderful days with the wind, the silence, the green of the gentle sloping hills, the long white beaches covered by pink arugula flowers, the blue – almost Caribbean – of the sea and the sky. I created a lovely routine; work, yoga, walks and swims and repeat. With almost a total detox from emails, social media and the rest of the world, the trip was fantastic for both the soul and mind. And I achieved what I came here for.

In August, I went to Colombia to visit a friend. What a privilege. Luisa is from Bogota but lives 2 hours east from Yarumal, east from Medellin, way up in the mountains; 2500 metres high in fact. It is an incredibly wonderful place, and the view from Luisa’s house, on top of the mountains, was outstanding. In the morning, hummingbirds came and sucked nectar from the most beautiful pink and purple flowers.

The silence was almost loud. We were surrounded by the greenest and lush vegetation I ever saw. We walked in the jungle and saw beautiful waterfalls.

In the Antiquoa region, the houses are mainly white with the woodwork painted in vibrant colours that look fantastic in the white Colombian light. We travelled to Jardin, via Hispania. Two delightful sleepy towns where the people are kind and friendly, and the decoration of the houses is precious and simple, making you feel serene and happy to walk about. The square with the church is the main point of attraction, where their life evolves.


We drove through coffee plantations with ample valleys, where the climate and scenery changed so very often.
We ended up in busy Medellin, considered the most ecological town of Colombia, but where the traffic is terrible. It was buzzing and full of energy with thriving streets and people out enjoying life in coffee shops and restaurants. It felt vibrant and alive. The art scene is very active, with so many talents.

……And now we are back, feeling recharged and inspired.

Our New Website

We have a newly designed website where you can read everything about us including our services and products and colours. You can buy our Hand Painted Colour Cards, A4 pages and sample pots, and you can now pay with major credit cards. (No more PayPal!)

Colour of the Month


Every month we celebrate the colour that has had the most interest from all of our Colour Collections. We write about how the colour has gained attention, how it was made and more.

The colour of the month for September was ‘Madeleines’, from the Colours of My Mind Collection. A vibrant soft pink made with red, burnt and raw umber and yellow ochre. It has a definite charm about it, it is peaceful but cheeky. Reassuring but fun at the same time. It is warm and fresh. It is full of wonderful contradictions, and it will look good everywhere.

It has recently been used in the kitchen of Sienna Miller’s charming English cottage. Her whole house was painted with our colours. You can read the full article in the Arch Digest Magazine here.

As autumn is approaching, we tend to lean towards cosier and warmer tones like the colour of the autumn leaves and a comforting pumpkin soup. The colour of October is ‘Arabella’s Pumpkin’ from the Original Collection, a classic, a favourite, never out of fashion. Made with Yellow Oxide, Burnt and Raw Umber and Red Oxide, it has a wonderful luminosity and depth without being overpowering. It is a colour that makes you feel cosy and at home.

I hope you will like it too.