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Francesca’s paint used in Sienna Miller’s Charming English Cottage. Aug 2022

Aug 2022

Dellal’s vision was a house for “good living” rather than a showpiece, a home that would embrace Miller’s joie de vivre, generosity, and spontaneity. “There are always lots of friends with muddy boots and dogs, yet, miraculously, the house never feels crowded—you can spill into all the different rooms and find space,” she adds. Dellal developed the complex jigsaw puzzle in her mind, working fastidiously on all the different aspects, spending hours choosing the colored cathedral-glass panels for the doors at Lead & Light in Camden, visiting Francesca’s Paints to find just that right shade of bubble-gum pink for the kitchen (Madeleines), and talking with makers in Turkey who vegetable-dyed the vintage Anatolian kilims for the bedrooms and staircase. There’s creativity to be admired  at every turn, from the Hungarian striped linen kitchen curtains to the striking silhouette of the 1957 Hans Brattrud dining chairs (one of the pricier investments).

“I worked on the project over a period of months and looked at every tiny aspect—right down to every doorknob and hinge—because it is Sienna and I love her,” says Dellal, who transformed a big sitting room into a dining room, as Miller enjoys cooking.

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Sienna Miller’s Charming English Cottage