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Colour Master Class

July 2014

Francesca Wezel’s, magazine feature in The English Home July 2014 Francesca Wezel Founder, Francesca’s Paints Wezel founded her own company in 1996, specialising in lime washes for interior and exterior walls and chalky emulsions for interiors. Wezel has a contagious passion for colour and she has travelled extensively to build upon her expertise, learning new techniques for using natural ingredients from different countries. This is a library and sitting room area in The Cloudesley, a boutique hotel in East Sussex. The owner designed each room himself without an interior designer, however I worked with him to choose the colours, making…

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Falke Footprints

Francesca Wezel’s Footprints, e-magazine feature:

Strawbale Course

Francesca took a course with amazonails on how to build strawbale houses. What an incredible experience!!! Strawbale building provides beautiful, healthy, sustainable and affordable homes and work places… It is all connected with my breatheable paints.

House & Gardens Fair Stand Display 2004

House & Gardens Fair Stand Display 2004

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