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February 2023 News

Feb 2023

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

The Year of the Rabbit is considered one of calm and contemplation — let’s hope it will bring peace in the world and that we will all benefit from it.

For us the year has started well. We have many beautiful projects that we are involved with. This month, we would like to show you the Boot at Barnsley, a pub designed by our friends at Timothy Oulton Studio

The plastered walls have been recoated with authentic lime paint, supplied by us, breathable and plastic free. This matt-white wash contrasts with the raw timber and hewn stone structural details, while at the same time providing a neutral backdrop for the extensive installation of antiques and curiosities. 

The colour they have used is ‘Halloumi’ from the Off White II Collection. A white made with our favourite pigment; raw umber. It creates a lovely depth – making it soothing, luminous and elegant.

Press Credentials

We have been featured in many magazines this month. There is a lovely article in the February issue of House & Garden about James Waterworth’s house. He is the owner of Thurstan Design, and we have had the pleasure of working with them for many years.

It was a real joy that James chose our paints for his wonderful Wiltshire Farmhouse. He used our ‘White Truffle’ from the Off White Collection, his favourite colour ever, and ‘Ice House Blue’ from the Houghton Hall Collection

Other magazines that talk about our paints and colours this month are The English Home, Period Living and House Beautiful. As ever, you can check out the articles in our Press Page.

Colour of the Month

The colour of the month is ‘Giorgio’s Wisteria’ from our first Collection ever, the Original Collection. For me, this is still one of our best and complete collections because it has all the fundamental colours, from an Off White to a deep Aubergine and it is well balanced. Giorgio’s Wisteria is a soft azure made with blue, purple, black and burnt umber. It is a calming and relaxing colour and can shift the mood of any room.

The burnt umber warms it up, making it cosy and snuggly in the cold and grey light of England. As the colour of the sky and the sea, blue is also used to imply a connection to nature. It has been psychologically linked to calmness and serenity, which is exactly what most people want to feel in their homes.

The images are kindly provided by Ana Engelhorn. You can see the whole property painted with our colours, designed by Ana in our Portfolio, also featured in the Saturday Times Magazine in November 2022 included in our Press Page.

We look forward to telling you about more of our exciting projects in the months to come. Thank you for your continued support.


February 2023 News