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March 2023 News

Mar 2023

Another month has gone by; this year seems to be going super fast, we are already in March! 

It has been more than 1 year since the war in Ukraine started. So sad to think that it is still continuing with no resolution in sight. But with the bad comes the good. The world is full of wonderful, good hearted, talented people and I think that the positives are stronger than the negatives.

For us, this year has been pleasantly busy. We are working with nice designers and clients, and we have been mixing beautiful colours. The limewash seems to be selling the most out of all our eco friendly paint products. We have a limewash primer that makes the application of the limewash much easier. 

It is not just a primer, we have designed it to be a support for the limewash. Normally it would not be possible to apply limewash on previously painted surfaces or gypsum plaster (gypsum and lime do not get on), but this is not an issue with our primer. It is a quartz mineral paint and, where possible, it still allows the wall to breathe and helps the limewash to bloom as if it was applied directly to lime plaster. 

Limewash is the oldest form of paint known to humans and it is completely plastic free and breathable. This makes it ideal in listed buildings and country cottages where the passage of moisture is important. If you want to create a natural velvety effect, this is the paint to be used. The effect is created by the lime, rather than the painter. It dries mottled because of the carbonation of the lime. 


I am very happy to have been asked to be part of a very interesting discussion about Illuminating Interiors. The topic will be the importance of developing lighting schemes in the early stages of renovation, and the intersection of interior design, paint and lighting consultancy. 

It will give an extensive knowledge and understanding of how to correctly light and design spaces to achieve the desired atmosphere. The event will be held at Fritz Fryer Lighting, 1 Albemarle Way London, EC1V 4JB on 16th March. 

The panel will discuss:
  • The importance of lighting schemes when designing a home renovation
  • How furniture placement can be key in the design of a space
  • How to create the desired atmosphere using lighting and interior design
  • Controlling light using layering, dimmers, and circuits
  • Creating atmosphere through paint and light temperature
  • Utilising natural light and overcoming the obstacles natural light can create when designing and lighting a space
A little a bit more about our panel:

Emma Morton-Turner has been an Interior Stylist and writer for twenty years. After five years as Home Editor on Woman & Home, she went freelance so she could style bigger magazine photoshoots, company brochures, and press launches. 

In 2018 she founded The website is all about promoting the interiors world, with podcasts and blog posts. It also provides a platform for everyone within the professional interiors industry from interior stylists, writers and assistants to location houses, prop houses, image libraries, couriers and set builders.

Tash South is owner and Creative Director of South Place Studio. She is on the faculty at Elle Education, and has taught on their Masters Programme, as well as giving online kitchen and bathroom design lessons for the Elle Decoration Diploma course.

Simon Wallis-Smith is the co-owner of Fritz Fryer with his wife Karen. Simon leads the design side of Fritz Fryer, working on everything from bespoke commissions, new product design through to commercial and residential lighting schemes. Simon is also responsible for the acquisition and curation of luminaires within the antiques side of the Fritz Fryer business.

Much of Simon’s design inspiration comes from an admiration for the intricacies of clock and watch design, which can be clearly viewed in his Aston and Grafton lights. Fritz Fryer’s unique antique restoration service, and beautiful contemporary designs are a testament to Simon’s love and passion for all things lighting.

Unfortunately, the event is sold out, but if a recording is available, I will post in the next News.


We have asked our clients to leave short reviews about our paints and colours, and we have been touched by how lovely some of them have been.

Here are a few for you to enjoy:

India Willis wrote…These are the most wonderful paints. Francesca mixes them by hand and can create colours that are deep with pigment and that have a velvet-like quality. I feel very lucky to have been able to use them in my house which had a problem with damp. Francesca’s paints are entirely breathable and so we no longer have salts coming through the walls in great patches. Thank you, Francesca!

Sam White wrote… We are using Francesca’s Paint throughout our renovated house. Her colours are wonderful, with incredible pigment. They respond beautifully to natural and artificial light, sumptuous. The finish is beautiful, and they contain so much pigment that coverage is easy. Our walls are definitely strokable! I cannot recommend her paint or her service highly enough.

Emma McGrath wrote… Francesca is correctly described as the QUEEN of Paint, she really is! Her eye for colour is exceptional and we have done many projects, both residential and commercial. All of the clients have been thrilled with her efficiency, fun and creativity and most importantly the final result. She is professional, unbelievably efficient and I LOVE working with her.

And there are many more – if you are interested in reading them, visit our Google Reviews.

Thank you again to all our fantastic clients, it is so nice to be appreciated and recognised. We love what we do, and it makes us incredibly happy to think that our colours make our clients happy too.


Mud’ has been the most popular colour this month. It is a gentle soft brown, made with raw umber and burnt umber, organic red and black. It has a lovely pinkiness about it. It is not a new colour, it has been around for a long time, but when I think about our colours I don’t think about trends but colours that last forever. On occasion, it just takes a little time for people to understand them. 

Brown is a symbol of reliability, stability, honesty, and comfort. It is a safe, cosy colour to include in a room design. Brown is a colour commonly found in nature; so, it’s familiar to us. Using it in interior design can make a space feel calm and rustic. It comes from the Earth Collection.

This is it for now, till next month.


March 2023 News