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April 2023 News

Apr 2023

So, another spring has arrived, the days are getting longer and the mood is more positive. The year is running by, a quarter of it is already gone, and we have been busy with many interesting projects.

This month we wanted to explain why a paint colour consultation can be a helpful tool to help you choose the right colours and paints around your house.

Why do I need a paint colour consultation?

Choosing colours can be incredibly daunting and sometimes, because we are afraid of making the wrong choices, we end up with a solution that actually does not reflect our personality and needs. 

A paint colour consultation will give you the confidence of exploring solutions in your home that perhaps you did not think about before, helping create a balanced flow throughout your home.

Colour experts like Francesca, can provide bespoke colour advice to help you make informed decisions about colours and finishes that will complement your space making it look personal and unique. 

A paint colour consultation will help you choose the perfect colour combinations for you and your home. It will give you a colour palette that complements your personal style and existing furnishings, to create the perfect mood considering both natural light and artificial light, and other important factors.

It starts with a paint colour consultation where Francesca will give you expert advice on everything from your woodwork to your walls and ceilings. As part of the colour consultancy service, she will visit your property to present the range of our eco and traditional paints in over 230+ colours in an A4 format, so that they can be fully appreciated. 

If you are unable to choose from our extensive colour range, Francesca can either create or match the perfect colour for you with her paint colour matching service. Additionally, if you are unable to host Francesca in person, we also offer a colour consultation via video call.

With a colour consultation you can select the perfect colour palette that achieves the desired mood. You will make your home feel as you might have imagined it, but didn’t have the confidence to do it. To find out more about the paint colour consultation service, please visit:

Challenging times for all

We have received big price increases from all our suppliers this year, but we have made the decision not to increase our own prices. Instead, we have chosen to absorb the difference and reduce our profit margin to support our customers. 

We believe this approach will show that we are committed to maintaining a positive relationship with our customers during these challenging times. While this may impact our profitability in the short-term, we think it is a worthwhile investment in the continued long-term success of our business. 

However, we are also aware of the need to ensure the sustainability of the business, and we will be exploring other cost-cutting measures to mitigate the impact on the profit margins. Ultimately, we believe that balancing the needs of both our business and customers is key to building a successful and sustainable business. We thought it was important that you know this.

Colour of the Month

Homes & Gardens Magazine, April issue, has nominated ‘Sea Kale’ from the Postcard from Barra Collection as the colour of the month. With an amalgamation of grey, green and bluey brown, this shade has a moody sophisticated feel and adds great depth to interiors. It can be used in so many areas of a house, especially hallways, drawing rooms, bedrooms and it is the perfect colour as a background for artwork. 

The main positive psychological properties green communicates are peace, balance and harmony. It can rejuvenate and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and secure. Green symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility, and generally makes people feel emotionally safe. Hope you will like this shade as much as we do.

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