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January 2024 News

Jan 2024


Happy New Year!


Let’s hope it is going to be healthy, colourful and full of laughter.

I hope you had a pleasant Christmas break.

Eyhorne Street 2 Eyhorne Street 1

Photography By Kirsty Noble for Inigo

This is the time when we make new year resolutions and when we want to improve or change something in our life.

For me, I would like this year to be more spiritual, I want to go back to the habit of meditating every morning and to practise more yoga and eat very healthy. We are what we eat and I think a detox after Christmas will be exactly what I need.

This year I need to go back to India. I used to go once a year before Covid and it has been a while and I feel it is calling me.

We finished the year working on lovely projects that will be completed at the beginning of March. If the clients allow us, we will be very happy to share them with you once they are finalised.

We are also working on a new colour collection comprising 6 new colours, as soon as it is ready you will be the first to know. The colours are soft and gentle and they are based on Renaissance Painters, I can not wait to show them to you. They have always been a great font of inspiration to me.

Making new colours is a joy for us and we are always happy to make a colour especially for you, if you cannot find one suitable in our collections.


Tower Green

The most popular colour this month is Tower Green from the Houghton Hall Collection.

Made with yellow ochre, raw and burnt umber and a touch of phthalo green.

An elegant, reassuring colour, peaceful and quiet. Suitable everywhere in the house which pairs wonderfully with mustard, dark blue, black and of course a strong pink.

The Houghton Hall Collection is a collaboration with Miv Watts. We were given some textiles from the William Kent Archive in Houghton Hall to match and we created 8 colours. This is not a new collection, it was made in 1999, but it is still one of the most popular. We strongly believe that colours should not be trends. We would like to think that our colours stand the test of time.

Please look at our Portfolio and colour collections for inspiration.

Tower Green colour of the month Tower Green colour of the month

If you need any guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help. Just a reminder, we give colour consultations on Fridays.

Till next time

All the best


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