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February 2024 News

Feb 2024

The 10th of February marks the start of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. It is associated with traits such as strength, courage, and good fortune – let’s hope we all benefit from it!


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In Chinese culture, colours can have various symbolic meanings, and certain colours may be considered auspicious or bring good luck. Red is often associated with good fortune and joy. If you’re looking for colours associated with the Year of the Dragon, you might consider incorporating colours associated with the element of Water, such as blue or black.

For us, the year has started busy!

Lots of wonderful projects happening and orders are being placed. We are working on one of the few entirely detached houses in Bath, a wonderful historical property where even the trees in the garden are listed and an Old Rectory in Lincolnshire, one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen.

If the clients will allow us we will share the results once the projects have been completed. Both properties require breathable paint and plastic-free. Our Lime Wash and Eco Emulsion are both of those things and have been used throughout the properties.

As the seasons change, the days are getting longer again and so does the ambience within our homes. The transition between seasons offers a wonderful opportunity to refresh and redecorate our living spaces, ushering in a new energy and atmosphere, taking the opportunity to declutter and organise your space. A tidy and organised home creates a sense of calm and allows the new season’s energy to flow seamlessly.

Thrift (Postcard from Barra Collection) and Priddy Moon (Somerset Collection) are getting a lot of attention at the moment, so do the greens like Dew (Solace Collection), Calm Green (10th Collection), Jali Grey (Mughal Spring Collection).

Nature provides a stunning array of colours during each season and can create a seamless connection with the outside world.

Our Namibian Sands Collection is also very popular, all the colours are inspired by the incredible landscape of Namibia, they are sandy, warm, and inviting.

Yellow is also very much in demand, perhaps because the days are getting longer and we want something that makes us feel jolly and that adds light. Yellow is the colour of learning, it helps the brain to concentrate and it is not an aggressive tone.

The most popular yellows at the moment are Chari Flame (Indian Summer Collection), made with yellow ochre and red with an orange undertone, warm and inviting, and the classics Paolo’s Yellow (The Original Collection) and Yellow Pepper (Sacla Collection), the most feel-good yellows that we have that will brighten your day.

February Newsletter 1

Chari Flame from the Indian Summer Collection

February Newsletter 2

Yellow Pepper from the Sacla Collection

Our new Collection is almost finished and we cannot wait to share six new, incredibly beautiful shades with you.

We have been making a lot of new colours for the different projects that we have been working on. Creating new colours especially for you is our forte and we love doing it!

February Newsletter 3



Not surprisingly this month, Peter’s Ochre, from the Original Collection is the colour of the month. It has a wonderful depth, and a sunny glow. It is a sophisticated and elegant colour, made with our favourite pigments, yellow ochre, raw and burnt umber and a touch of organic red and green. It pairs beautifully with dark green, dark blue, shocking pink, for a Luis Barragán look, and many other shades.


We look forward to telling you about more of our exciting projects in the upcoming months. Thank you for your continued support.


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