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August 2023 News

Aug 2023

The word “August” is derived from the Latin word “Augustus,” which was the name of the month in the ancient Roman calendar. It was named after Augustus Caesar, the revered Roman emperor.

August holds a special place in the calendar as it marks the height of summer and offers an array of delightful experiences. August is when the UK’s natural beauty and colours are on full display.  

With the favourable weather and dry surfaces, it’s an ideal time to give new life to our exterior walls, by applying the limewash, the most traditional and breathable paint, completely plastic free. 

The finish of limewash is reminiscent of the mottled and faded walls of Italy, Southern France and Spain. It can only be applied on external walls, during summer time, when the temperature doesn’t fall below 10 degrees at night.

Portfolio: Private Residence, Gloucestershire

August is vibrant and dynamic with a mix of warm weather, outdoor activities, cultural celebrations, and an overall sense of summer joy. This month is one of the best to embark on an adventure abroad, as it coincides with the peak of summer in many parts of the world. 

Whether you’re exploring bustling cities, immersing in cultural festivals, or embracing the natural splendour of serene coastal towns, August provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable experiences and cherished memories in the UK and further afield.


Many of our Colour Collections have been inspired by travel, including Postcard from Barra, Himalayas, Somerset, JJK Gurukulam, Namibian Sands and Cuban, to name a few.

Whilst travelling, we can explore colour in a truthful and different way from what we are used to, this is because we dive into diverse cultures, colourful landscapes, vibrant markets, and stimulating architectures that can inspire our perception by allowing us to look at things differently and to search for other possibilities. 

Jardin, Colombia
Jardin, Colombia
Isle of Barra, Outer Hebrides
Isle of Barra, Outer Hebrides

Each place we visit presents us with a unique palette of colours that evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture the essence of a particular location.

By embracing the colours of different cultures and environments, we can infuse our spaces with a sense of wanderlust and bring the spirit of our journeys into our homes.


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The Colour of the Month for August is ‘Pithora White’ from the Indian Summer Collection.

Pithora white is made with raw and burnt umber, yellow ochre and black. It is a soft off white; calm, luminous and elegant. Suitable everywhere around the house, from halls, landings, corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and drawing rooms.

It pairs with almost every other colour. It looks particularly good with dark blue, green, red and yellow ochre.

 It is a timeless hue that exudes sophistication and elegance.

All our colours are created by us, they are unique, they are meticulously curated and thoughtfully chosen, transcending the fleeting trends. We strive to offer shades that stand the test of time, ensuring an eternal appeal that endures through the ages.

The origin of the word Pithora comes as a ritualistic painting done on the walls by the Rathwa, Bhils and Bhilala tribes. The backgrounds are white or crème, here is the name Pithora White, they are painted in spectacular and vivid reds, greens, oranges, blues and pinks, with brushes made from branches of Tendu and Palash trees.

I hope that our colours can be a font of inspiration and that they will bring you calmness, joy, peace and happiness.

Keep well and safe and enjoy your travels, home or away.