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Colours of My Mind

November 2019

Colours of My Mind – Latest Collection A collaboration between Raffaella Barker and Francesca Wezel. Raffaella explains….. Over the years I have painted many rooms with Francesca’s colours, sending wild pleas to her such as: ‘Could I have something the colour of a bra strap?’ or ‘Here’s a squashed bunch of flowers from my garden, can we work out a match for the petals and leaves before it fades? , or ‘A room of cheerful chaos please, a place where my teenage sons can endlessly play Playstation’.Her colours, with their ability to change in the light, to undulate through space,…

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Poison into Medicine Collection

May 2019

Poison into Medicine Collection – A collaboration between Dillwyn Smyth, artist and Francesca Wezel, #thecolourwoman The collection is called Poison into Medicine, a Buddhist term meaning that we can take suffering, hardships or trauma happening in our life and use it as stimulus to create something positive, thus changing Poison into Medicine. Francesca and artist Dillwyn Smith visited The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square together in 2018 where he introduced Francesca to some of his favourite early renaissance paintings and in particular the paintings of Piero della Francesca. The colours in this new collection take inspiration from his painting The…

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58th Venice Biennale

May 2019

11 May 2019 till 24 November 2019 Our Peace White in Eco Emulsion has been chosen by Cathy Wilkes, the artist nominated to represent Britain , to paint the British Pavilion. We are very honored and proud of this.

Dillwyn Smith ‘Light Cages’

October 2019

24th October to 22nd November 2019 The Exhibition is taking place at 11 York Road SE1, 12th Floor, at Vo Curations, previous office of David Chipperfield Architects. Some of Dillwyn’s work is framed with our eco emulsion in the Energetic Grey, Sensitezed Green and Angelico Pink from the Poison into Medicine Collection inspired by the Nativity by Piero della Francesca that we collaborated together in May this year. The wall at the entrance is also painted in the Angelico Pink. Dillwyn’s work is colourful, tasteful and gentle. The colours he chooses are harmonious , the material is translucent and the…

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Four short sweet videos – by

Four short sweet videos, made by earlier in the summer for a wrapping paper project. Our paints were used as paint set in all the 4 videos.      

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