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June 2024 News

June 2024

Mixing Pigments into our lovely Eco Emulsion

Welcome June! The month with the longest day of the year. Schools are breaking up, that feeling that Summer is here. The colours of nature are resplendent and we are looking forward to a break to enjoy this wonderful time.


Our Beloved Bubu has Passed

Gorgeous Bubu.

Our dog Bubu, a 14 years old Tibetan Terrier, had to be put to sleep and for all of us at Francesca’s Paints has been a great loss. He used to brighten up our days and always make us laugh. Clients from Hong Kong and Australia called to say that they will miss him, he was a dog that left an impression to everyone who met him. He came to work every day and we were inseparable.

RIP Bubu.



Apart from this sad news we are doing well and this month we would like to explain how to dilute our paints in the correct way and why they are not already diluted and the importance of drying times.

The reason why our paints, the Limewash, Limewash Primer and Eco Emulsion, need to be diluted with water is to preserve the life of the materials to an unlimited period. Once water is added to a product, the stock life is substantially reduced, max 3 months and the water can make the paint contaminated with bacteria which is going to make the product unusable.

The consistency for the LIMEWASH PRIMER, LIMEWASH AND ECO EMULSION, should create a continuous flow when pulled from the tub by brush or dip stick. There should not be any blobs of paint falling from the brush or too much running.

The Perfect Consistency of Primer - A Continuous Flow.
The Perfect Consistency of Primer – A Continuous Flow.

We give guidelines of how to dilute the products, but they are only guidelines. The product might need more or less water than what we say, the reason being that they might have been stored for a while or because they might have just been made, so it is important to understand what consistency our paints should be and add the water according to that.

The limewash primer, once diluted properly, covers beautifully. We recommend one coat but if something is still showing through, please give another coat. Please make sure that the first coat has dried for 24 hours.

The limewash, has a lovely consistency once it has been diluted, but it is completely translucent and highlights imperfections, it can only be applied directly to a new lime plaster wall, any other surface will need the lime wash primer first and therefore It is essential that it has been applied in a completely uniform way, without showing any imperfections because otherwise they will come through. Remember to wait 24 hours before applying the second coat of primer, if required, and before applying the limewash. 

The Eco Emulsion also has excellent coverage, like double cream, remember that continuous flow from the brush when you dilute it.

Another factor to understand is that giving more coats to a wall that is showing problems it is not necessarily the right solution. Most of the time the problem occurs because there is something in the surface preparation that is not right and another coat, because the paint has water in it, is going to mix the materials on the surface underneath, creating further complications. So first understand where the problems come from and then act. If in doubt, always give us a call, we are very happy to help. But to give another coat if the problem has not been solved is not going to be the right solution.

Our paints only require two coats which is already accounted for, along with dilution, when we give our coverage guide.

Drying times are also super important when applying any form of paint.

If a second coat has been given to a paint that has not fully dried, especially with dark colours, it will create infinite problems because the paint will not have anything to stick on and will ultimately peel.

Having said all this, painting our paints should be a positive and fun experience, they are of a super quality, so follow the guideline, if in doubt communicate with us and the result will be splendid.



Off White Collection French Grey Paint

French Grey from the Off White Collection
French Grey from the Off White Collection 1

This month the colour who got the most attention amongst our collections is the French Grey from Off White Collection 1

French Grey for the Off White 1 Collection.

A very delicate and gentle grey made with Black and Raw Umber. A colour that has been around for ages and never gets out of date, elegant and classy, fresh, and versatile.

The French Grey pairs with almost every other hue, the stronger the other colour the more contrast there will be.


Have a great beginning of Summer



French Grey for the Off White 1 Collection.