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Eco Friendly Paint Products

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We were one of the first eco friendly paint companies in the UK, opening in 1996. Today, we supply a complete range of high quality eco friendly breathable paint, and traditional paints, in over 230+ colours. We started with our eco friendly paint products, Limewash and Eco Emulsion, both plastic free and breathable paint, but over the years we expanded our range to satisfy every aspect of our customers’ needs with our traditional paint products. With all our ranges we care enormously about the environment and try to use materials and bases that do not cause harm. Please note that not all plant products are actually environmentally friendly and can still be toxic.


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Limewash Paint

A traditional paint finish that allows the wall to ‘breathe’. It gives an opaque textured velvety look for interior and exterior applications.

Limewash Brush

The Limewash brush is used for the application of the limewash

Limewash Primer

Made with selected quartz and sands. It allows the application of the limewash on surfaces where normally it would not be possible to apply it.

Eco Emulsion Paint

The most ecological of our emulsions. It is breathable, plastic free, and dries matt, chalky and velvety.

Eco Fix

An Eco friendly sealer, fully breathable. It helps the application of the Eco Emulsion.

Smart Emulsion

The toughest of our Emulsions. It is easy to clean and hard-wearing.

Matt Emulsion

A smooth matt emulsion, providing a top quality and wipeable finish for interior walls and ceilings.

Soft Sheen

An attractive mid-sheen finish suitable for interior walls and ceilings.

Masonry Paint

A water-based product ideal for exterior surfaces.

Waterbased Eggshell

Is suitable for use on woodwork and dries to a mid sheen finish.

Oil Eggshell

A high quality oil-based satin sheen finish for woodwork and metal, suitable for internal and external use.

Waterbased Gloss

Water Based Gloss produces a high tough finish that dries fast. Suitable for interior and exterior wood and metal. Dries fast and has low odour, ensuring an easy application.

Oil Gloss

Top quality high gloss finish for wood and metal surfaces, for outside.

Flat Oil

A traditional matt finish formulated for interior use and produces a durable, smooth matt even finish.

It is very important to consciously recycle as much as possible. We send our sample pots and paints in recycled boxes; We use plastic buckets for all our water-based paints. These are easier to clean than tins and they can be reused. They are made with recyclable plastic, so once the paint is finished, please wash it out and recycle the buckets accordingly. However, for our oil paints, we use tins. Please click on the link below to dispose of the paint in the most appropriate way.

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